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Online Quran teacher. Learning salah, qaida, wudu and more.


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As an online Quran teacher, I offer a number of courses in the subject to help familiarise you with the text and Islamic traditions. With Pearls of Wisdom, you or your children will find yourself learning these vital aspects of Islamic culture quickly and enjoyably. From the vital aspects of Salah (prayer) and Wudu (purification), to learning to recite the Quran itself, I will help you along this journey with a patient and wholehearted approach.



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Quran teacher online. Learn quran and qaida. A quran in a holy place.

Quran Teaching

This course is starting in December, and will enable you to learn the Quran by recitation. With the assistance of a knowledgeable online Quran teacher, you will find yourself knowing your way around the Quran very quickly.

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Learning the Quranic alphabet is vital to enable fluent reading of the Quran itself. Because the Quran is written in Classical Arabic, it differs in style from modern Arabic, and therefore some of the understanding and nuance may be lost without using the Qaida. This course (like the others below) is available now, and consists of 2-hour weekly lessons, lasting between three and four months in total.

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Wudu is the Islamic ritual for cleansing oneself. Performing Wudu is an absolute must before prayer, so learning the purification and cleansing rituals are very important for anyone practising Islam. This course requires just two lessons in successive weeks.

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Prayer is the First Pillar of Islam, and there are many rules and aspects to Muslim prayer which may not be apparent to an untrained observer. Learning the times of prayer, the posture, and the preparation are all integral to the prayer itself. This course takes place over one month, encompassing four two-hour sessions.

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Quran teacher online. Learn wudu and salah. Two Muslim girls in prayer.




Quran teacher online. Learn kalima and makahrij al haroof. Boy reading quran.


The Kalimas are usually memorised in grade three in south Asian nations with an Islamic schooling system. In the United Kingdom, finding a tutor for this may not be as straightforward, which is where I can help. These six phrases from the Hadith form a great foundation towards understanding the Islamic faith and the Quran. Learning the Kalima takes one month, with a total of eight two-hour lessons (two each week).

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Makharij al Haroof

Tajwid is the set of rules regarding correct pronunciation of the Quranic alphabet, and Makharij, which centres on the articulation of the letters, is integral to this. Correct enunciation is very important to creating a traditional Quranic recitation. This course takes three months in total, with one two-hour lesson every week for that period.

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The Four Quls are very short Surahs of the Quran, which are also performed as prayers, and are often recited in Islam. They are the Surah al Kafirun, the Surah Ikhlas, the Surah al Falaq, and the Surah an Nas. Most people learns these as the first Surahs in salah. The latter two being the two final Surahs in the Quran. Learning these requires one month of lessons, encompassing four two-hour sessions.

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Quran teacher online. Learn Islamic quls. Boy and mother learning quran online.


Our beloved Prophet (SAW) stated:

The Quran is an intercessor, something gave permission to intercede, and it is rightfully believed in. Whoever puts it in front of him, it will lead him to Paradise; whoever puts it behind him, it will steer him to the Hellfire.



Do you seek an online Quran teacher for women and children?

If you are looking to learn Islamic practice with a well-informed and approachable online Quran teacher, book a block of lessons with Pearls of Wisdom Teaching.


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