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Quran Teaching

Learn the Quran with Pearls of Wisdom Teaching and your personal online Quran teacher. These lessons commence in December – all other lessons are active currently.


 Quranic Arabic is different in tone to Modern Standard Arabic, and must be learned and practised to enable accurate Quranic recitations.

Wudu Courses

Learn every aspect of the ablution and purification process that takes place before prayer.

Salah Courses

With Salah being the First Pillar of Islam, it is important to know all the rules and practices of this if you are becoming a follower of Islam. Learn the correct posture, stance, and position, as well as the times that it is performed.

Kalima Memorisation

These six phrases from the Hadith are often memorised early in life. It is never too late to learn the six Kalimas, and adult students are as welcome as children in all aspects of Quranic teaching.

Makharij al Haroof

Learn perfect enunciation of Quranic Arabic letters and take the first steps towards accurate Quranic recitation.


Book a course to learn the Four Qul here and memorise these four small surahs of the Quran in one month, with your private online Quran teacher.



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